Welcome to Kinetic Steam Works [KSW]!

Unfortunately, we are so busy getting ready for Edwardian Ball 2016 and doing the next great thing, we haven't had time to get our website going again. Join us at Edwardian Ball 2016



We have pictures from previous Edwardian Balls here and here as well as other general KSW pics here.


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HELP! If you know the server/administrative side of getting a PHP,MySQL, Apache, Perl, and Wordpress installation going from scratch on a dedicated CentOS (like Redhat Linux) server and think you can make/install/configure all this software and get it running with root access (or know someone that can!) please help us out and help us get this running again. We just haven't had the time. E-mail the address or TEXT the number below. Thanks!


UPDATE- we had a volunteer who was working on this remotely from Portland. She had made great strides, but it's not finished yet. When it is, it will replace this placeholder. If you want a preview (some of the pics and links are broken), it will look like this: http://kineticsteamworks.org/wp3.5/ If you contacted us about helping, please bear with us as we get through Edwardian Bal 2016... :-)



We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back with us again. We can be always be reached at contact@kineticsteamworks.org or via phone at 831-235-0546. Thanks.


See our airship page here!

12May 2015